MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM Suggestions, Feedbacks, Bugs....

After the MIUI 9 rolling out in the new devices. Finally Xiaomi's new MIUI has found to be the great and works well in almost all the devices. The MIUI 9 is rolled out from November 2, 2017 and now it's getting some of the bugs and issues which were faced by the users.

The feedback from the users is right here to your doorsteps. This might be helping you before you are installing MIUI 9 on your respective devices. As we are constantly looking for the MIUI updates. Although some of our team members are also not happy with the images clicked with their respective devices using its main camera. Now talking about the users who are using MIUI 8.0 tells us that MIUI 8 has no lag as well as it also don't have any boot loops.            
So, first we will check out the main highlights as well as the Bugs which is being fixed.

Highlights New Releases


*New APP Vault Features
*Brief Notes
*Calendar Events


*New APP Vault Features
*Brief Notes
*Calendar Events
*Cricket (India Only)

Bugs which are fixed

Lock screen, Status Bar, Notification Bar


*Enjoy high-quality images
*Read Stories

Fix - Previews weren't shown correctly in landscape mode.


Fix - Settings FC when changing the region


Fix - System launcher keeps stopping when adding or opening widget after update to 7.11.10


Fix - Gallery only shows documents even after resetting all default app setting


Fix - The mail message page layout is displayed incorrectly


No sound and vibration when receiving WhatsApp

Mi Video

Chinese language can be seen in Mi Video

Feedbacks & Bugs Fixed

[Bug1] Smartphones does not Ring! 

The smartphone is not ringing this might be the first problem you may be facing.

Users Said
"There is a problem with 8.5 and 9 stable updates; the device does not ring when I get calls, sms and any other notification. When I reboot my device then it starts ringing but after few hours or a day the problem will again occur. I also changed my ringer board as well as I also replaced the motherboard from Mi Care. Therefore, the problem is still not be fixed as there is no hardware issue as well."  


So, if you are facing the issue of ringing the device than you can try Factory Data Reset in your device this might help you out and the second thing you can try is you can install Fastboot ROM. If you have tried this out than do let us know that your issue is fixed or not. Also, our team has fully checked out with the beta testers and there is no issue in current developer ROM builds. So, you can try these two methods and tell us that will they work for you or not. 

[Bug2] Contact Number are getting Mixed up

So, are your contact number are messed up completely no problem we will tell you how to fix it and you can do it by your own. But first let's see what our users said.

Users Said
"I observed that my contacts are getting mixed up. This is creating a problem like I am not be able to send messages to one of my contacts. It will send to someone else."


Organize the Contacts

The following steps are listed below,

Step 1. Goto Contacts > menu options, choose Display preference.
Step 2. Enable the option Hide incomplete numbers.
Step 3. Choose Configure contact lists
Step 4. Select Mi Account contacts only.

Deleting Mi Account Contacts

The following steps are listed below,

Step 1. Goto Contacts > menu option, choose Organize contacts.
Step 2. Choose Merge duplicate contacts before deleting.
Step 3. Choose Delete batch > Select all the contacts > Select Delete contacts as shown below.

Next Step is to clear the App data of contact storage, for this

Method 1.

Step 1. Goto Settings > choose installed apps.
Step 2. Find Contact storage from the app list.
Step 3. Click on Clear app data

Method 2.

Goto Contacts > menu option, choose Organize contacts.
Choose Clear data.

Restoring the contacts

We need to rearrange the display preference for Google contacts

Step 1. Goto Contacts > menu options, choose Display preference.
Step 2. Enable the option Hide incomplete numbers.
Step 3. Choose Configure contact lists
Step 4. Select Google contacts only.

Finally you have fixed your issue by following the guidelines correctly. 

Turn on the sync.

Step 1. Goto Settings, Choose the Sync option.
Step 2. Choose Google from below the list.
Step 3. Choose the option for syncing Contacts> Sync now.
Step 4. After few minutes your contacts will be restored. 

Source: MIUI Forum

[Bug3] GPS is not working after the MIUI 9 Rollout 

Users Said
"This GPS issues is being spotted earlier in this year, and after that there was an update rolled out which fix the GPS problem. Now, it strike back after the update of new version of MIUI i.e., MIUI9. "

So, the problem of GPS is genuine and true, some of our team members are facing this issue, they tell us that the GPS problem will not going to be fixed even after restarting your device. The team also tells us that if they switch off GPS and then restart the device, then also issues continue. However, when I keep the GPS switched on, and then restart, after the restart in most cases the GPS works well.


Until now there is no solution for the problem. Also, some of our team members said that you can try the Factory Data Reset as it might work for you. Also, Mi Max 2, Mi Mix is fixed with the factory data reset. So, you can try this method it might help you out. Rest I would say that we and whole Mi community is continuous looking for the solution.

[Bug 4] Sometimes videos of YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp can't run properly in MIUI 9

So, if you guys are facing this problem then what's the solution for it. So, before getting to the solution first you should see what users of MIUI 9 said

Users Said
"I have Xiaomi Redmi 4 and I have install MIUI 9 on my device and it works pretty well. However, there is a problem which I faced from last 5 to 10 days. I am not  be able to play videos sometimes from Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp. It's not working properly and I am facing this problem from last few weeks. What is the solution for it and how it can be fixed."


So, this is the problem faced by the users. However, this is not faced by our team members. Although we have asked many of the Redmi 4 users and some of them said that sometimes video will not work properly while on the other hand some of the users said that they are not facing such problems. So, the first solution for this problem is you can reboot your device once you have start facing this problem. Also, if you still faced this problem you can restart your device with Data OFF it is recommended because sometimes your data network fall and it start interrupting your videos.

So, if you are not able to fix this issue by rebooting your device. Then, all you have to do is Factory Data Reset. This can be helpful for you and some of the users have finally fix the above issue of Videos not running properly.

[Bug5] Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Hotspot not working properly

User Said
"Hi...I am not able to ON my Wi-Fi Bluetooth and hotspot why I don't know please help me my device is Mi Note 1S
Still my device is good condition."

So, this is a genuine problem as it might be faced by you guys as our team said that they have faced this problem many times. So, what's the first solution comes to your mind. Do comment in the comment box for this. However, we have found the solution for the above problem.


The first solution is you have to do a soft reset. So, what's the soft reset this might be the first question which comes to your mind. The soft reset is you take out the battery from the device without shutting down. This might help you and fix this problem.

Second, you can reboot your device once you start facing this problem. Thus, if you not be able to fix this issue than you have to take a bold step of Factory Data Reset.

Factory Data Reset is recommended by our team as it help many of the users to fix the above problem. As, I told you earlier that before doing a Factory Data Reset you have to take a complete backup (Recommended) of the full device.      

So, these are some of the feedbacks & bugs which are fixed by our team. Hope you guys like it and do share it as much as you can. If you have any query than do let us know. Comment in the comment box for any assistance we will be right back to you. Suggestions and New Releases will soon going to rollout with the new update of MIUI 9. Also, if you guys think we have forget or missed something than do let us know in the comment section. We will appreciate any suggestions from you. 

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