We all have heard about the errors about the LineageOS ROM. After CynongenMod the LineageOS ROM is continued with the new era of Custom ROM's. And we all know that
the every baby has some problems from their parent. So, it has some errors. Today we will discuss some of the errors of the Lineage OS ROM and their solution as well. CyanogenMod is the biggest and most widely used custom Android ROM. As also, it has been discontinued, due to some internal conflicts within Cyanogen Inc. 

The modern era of the CyanogenMod now called as LineagOS is taking up the mantle. However, the company is also now delivering what you about CyanogenMod. So, here are some of the errors of Lineage OS ROM and their solution. Follow the guide and you will be able to solve the errors and fix them.

So, let's get started. If you are trying to flash Official Lineage OS ROM or root package on your device via Twrp but if it showing error "updater process ended with signal 4 twrp" then you can try following steps to fix TWRP Error 4.

There can a various problem that can give Update Error Signal 4 while installing Lineage OS ROM.

How to fix Update error signal 4 while installing LineageOS.

The most common reasons for LineageOS  Error 4 are as follows:

1. Try to install Latest version of TWRP recovery on your device You can download the latest version from official TWRP Recovery website.

2. You are trying to install a build for a different device. You need to make sure you download the zip for the correct device *and* variant.

3. Now you need to flash the migration zip, marked as 'experimental'. This is needed as you are attempting to migrate from an unofficial build to LineageOS.

4. Your vendor/modem/bootloader is too old (or maybe too new). Flash the correct stock image for your device, before wiping data and attempting to install LineageOS again. This information should be listed on the device’s wiki page.

So these are the three major cause of TWRP Error Signal 4 problems if you tried all the steps and still it is not fixed then I prefer you to factory reset your device.

Feedback from our Team & Users 

So, many of you guys are waiting for the Official Lineage OS Update for Error Signal 4. Feedback from our team is some of us are not happy with the performance of the smartphone as well as main cameras. Since, users are quite happy with performance of Lineage OS. Also, our team expect that LineageOS soon give update of LineageOS.

So, what's your decision about installing LineageOS ROM? Did you guys have used the LineageOS ROM if yes than do comment in the comment section about the experience with LineageOS. If you have some more cooler things to share it with us then let us know? Feedbacks of users is very much important before installing any ROM. So, these are Feedback from team and hope you guys enjoyed and excited to install LineageOS ROM.

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